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The Fishing Pro Shop News channel is firing up! Last week we had Divan Coetzee, FPS Pro, relating his experiences with bass fishing and social media. Check that story out right here. This week we have ongoing commentary all the way from Nicaragua, where another Fishing Pro Shop Pro, our own Johan Wessels, is chasing…tarpon! Really big tarpon.

So stay tuned as we keep you up-to-date on the seasons, the fish, and the antics of the Pro crew – working at the Fishing Pro Shop, right here on this channel. For now, it’s back to Ecuador…

They are having a great time all the way over there in those fish rich waters. But fishing for those punishing brutes takes it’s toll, physically, mentally, and on your gear and tackle. They are extremely dogged in a fight, cunning and strong, as they change direction in milliseconds. Coming flying up and out of the water in cascading spray and drama. Or diving down deep and sitting vas, breaking the angler’s already broken back. You have to fit and strong to tackle these beasts. Physically, and mentally.

The mighty tarpon in Nicaragua . Nicaragua is a place in the world where huge tarpon still thrives, not just survives!

Johan left a few days ago, flying all over the planet, to get to his final destination. His first few sessions were interesting indeed, many big fish lost, but some small ones (?!), as in the pic below, did make it boatside.

Many hooks were straightened or bent. Traces broken. Egos bruised by these legendary fighting fish.

But, many lessons learnt too.

A tarpon. A small tarpon?! Read on…

Some commentary from Johan…after his first day out there, very early morning…

[02:12, 13/10/2019] Johan: Right… so we got here and fished for tarpon for two hours…
[02:12, 13/10/2019] Johan: Before the light caught us…
[02:13, 13/10/2019] Johan: And i can say that i have been humbled by the silver king…
Jumped 2 fish. The guides say one was 80lb and the other a 100lb…
[02:14, 13/10/2019] Johan: My friend ben landed one of 130lb. Awaiting pics…
[02:15, 13/10/2019] Johan: Both fish screwed up my best laid plans with gamakatsu and mustad hooks….
[02:15, 13/10/2019] Johan: I think the saying is true…
[02:15, 13/10/2019] Johan: You get tarpon and then everything else..
[02:16, 13/10/2019] Johan: Now. These are the smaller fish of this area….

However things improved very fast for the FPS representative Johan, as he changed tactics and this next script arrived in my inbox!

[13:11, 15/10/2019] Johan: And so starts another fishing morning on search of tarpon…
Yesterday was a tuff game chasing the tarpon, but we did manage two. One of 80 and another of 120lb…
[13:13, 15/10/2019] Johan: Live bait and deadbait has been the way, but did hook up again on the bucktail yesterday…
The bighest challenge has not been getting them to bite, but to get the hooks to stay in their bucket mouths….

Tarpon waters waiting for you in Ecuador
Tarpon waters waiting for you in Ecuador

As of this point in the adventure, Johan and crew have been battling the available bandwidth over there, in the sticks, to get the videos and imagery to us. Stand by though, it’s definitely going to be hotting up!

Then it came, the news we had been waiting for.

Finally, proof of tarpon! This action packed gallery just filtered through the airwaves, and was worth the wait for sure.

And so, barely a few days into the Nicaraguan tarpon mission, the highly prized benchmark 150lb dream fish made it boatside. Tamed by Johan Wessels after many attempts and many near misses. This was one of quite a few fish Johan was able to get to the boat. Many of the hooked fish never came near the boat at all!

They guys are fishing live bait and dead bait. And lures. The bucktail jig that Johan had some good success with, features in this next gallery, of action packed imagery.

This will mark the end of Part 1 of our coverage of Johan’s adventure chasing and taming tarpon in the wild waters of Nicaragua . I am pretty sure the team is hard at rest now that they have had their fill. Or have they?

So stay close for the next instalment or two, all the way from south America.

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Written by Sean Lange and Johan Wessels.

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