Captain Duarte Rato fires up the Inhaca Island blue marlin hunt 2020

Marlin fishing off Inhaca Island

Captain Duarte Rato fires up the Inhaca Island blue marlin hunt 2020

Captain Duarte Rato of, spends every March plying the deep purple waters out the back of Inhaca Island, off Maputo, in Mozambique. Hunting the infamous blue marlin that frequent the fabulous underwater topography off the island, this time each year. This is just after Duarte has spent the previous September through November, chasing the huge grander black marlin, in his home waters off Bazaruto Island.

Duarte actually grew up in Maputo, and as a teenager, ran marlin fishing charters for his Dad, during the war! That was in the mid-eighties and just no-one has built up the thousands of hours it has taken for Duarte to be considered the very best there is.

Duarte and his clients, are out for big fish. Really big fish. Duarte has tagged more granders (1000lb marlin) than anyone, and annually wins the top tagging honours.

However, sometimes these fish get tail-wrapped and they just don’t make it. You can watch the following video for such an occasion, when a grander blue succumbed after two and a half hours. It’s very sad, and nobody was thrilled – but the fish fed the village, and DNA samples were taken and submitted to Duarte’s research partners in Australia. Who compare DNA’s of the different populations to determine their interactions or lack of them.

It’s actually one helluva video, produced by talented angler/videographer – Rian Chalmers.

Although Duarte and his team are fully booked right now, for the Santa Maria and Inhaca blue marlin season, we are taking bookings for next year. The slots are filling up fast, so click on over to this link and get in touch. We do have access to more boats and accommodations if we get even busier. We also have different options, at different levels, on how to get out the back of Inhaca, to her deep blue treasures.

Just click on the following link, which will take you to a page filled with pics, video and information. And a super easy form to get in touch with.

Click above to find out more and to get in touch…

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