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Skipping 101: skip cast with Divan Coetzee

Bassin with Divan - the Skip Cast

SKIPPING 101: skip cast with Divan Coetzee

Being able to skip cast a bait properly is a necessary skill for competitive bass anglers. Getting your bait into difficult places that the average angler struggles to reach will most certainly give you an edge over the rest of the field. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to mastering this skill. Dedication and practice are the only two factors that will get you there. I’ve watched numerous tutorials of late to try better explain the motions or actions of a good cast, to no avail. Having Gerald Swindle explain it in plain English also didn’t help the cause much, the key is to get out on the water and practice. Take the time to watch a few videos on guys skipping, take note of the swing power and arc that the rod follows.

Featuring this, our first video – in a series on casting by Divan. Looking forward to the whole series!

Common mistakes would include setting the reel too tight which forces you to swing harder. The line should ‘easily’ come off the spool. Another mistake is not keeping your eye on where you want the bait to go. Most folks are focused on where the bait initially hits the water as opposed to where it should end up. The old adage of ‘keep your eye on the ball’ , in this case the spot you intend on hitting. Holds true.

Certain baits do skip better than others, it’s relative to the profile. Skirts and oversized appendages create drag and tends to ‘bite’ the water, this causes the bait to roll and not skip. Typically not conducive to good distance. My recommendation would be to start with a bait that traditionally skips well – a Senko type bait, and then progress on to the more difficult baits like jigs. Remember that good technique will serve you better than brute force.   

My preferred setup for skipping would consist of a 7ft MH rod, in this case the Duckett Incite Series DFIC70MH-C paired with a high speed reel 7.5 ratio to recover line quickly.

Tackle used (click to see in the online store):

Duckett Incite rod DFIC70MH-C

Lews Classic Pro CP1SH 7.5 ratio

Berkley vanish 17lb .38mm

Swampers 9/16oz flipping jig.

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