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New Shimano Stella is out!


New Shimano Stella is out!

The new Shimano Stella is out and available from the Fishing Pro Shop.


“All the new stellas are now available in SA, we will have the range in store end of next week…

Pricing to follow on web by Wednesday and also huge specials on previous models.” – Divan Coetzee

Check out the following video by Shimano, featuring some epic material with monster bluefin tuna underwater and on the end of the line. There are many shots in the video that highlight that one super smooth attribute the Shimano Stella SW series has – that super smooth and over strong drag. Not once does the drag stick, and you can notice tiny increments of line being pulled at the exact right moments. The drag really takes things up another level helping compensate for those unruly seas and jerky skippers we sometimes have to deal with when chasing trophy gamefish.

Versatility is the name of the game at this level as you might need to cast a hundred metres to a boiling tuna, or drop a 6 ounce jig to the depths as you guage for that dogtooth that you just know is down there.

And, you can even take a Shimano Stella to the ultimate gunfight – a showdown with a billfish. Marlin included. The truth us, that these reels are so over-geared and over-engineered, that they can take punishment that was unimaginable before.

Like the blistering first run of an angry blue marlin. For rea…the guys over at FishBazaruto took a Shimano Stella or two to the Cape Verde blue marlin bite a few seasons back. Renowned billfish angler Carl Jankowitz went ahead with his bait and switch technique which worked flawlessly as they dropped back in complete confidence with the wide-open spool. Then all Carl had to do was close the bail and settle in for the fight of his life! A blue marlin on a coffee grinder! Full story can be read right here…

But mainly, you are going to invest in a Shimano Stella for those bad-mannered GTs, amberjack, and tuna. Like the doggie. The bluefin. The big-eye. The yellowfin. When these fish get over the 50kg mark, it would be best, if you were touting a Shimano Stella. And don’t forget those yellowtail down Hibberdene way!

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