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Sardines! It’s on – the Sardine Run 2020 has started

Sardine Run 2020 (c) Justin Klusener

Sardines! It’s on – the Sardine Run 2020 has started

Sardines! Sardines!

Up and down the KZN South Coast the cry can be heard reverberating down through the river valleys and out onto the beaches. Thank Goodness the Level 3 Lockdown status came about on the very same day the sardines hit the beaches. And the bottle stores opened!

It’s like a public holiday down on the coast right now!

People are trying their best to stay within the confusing set of rules as laid out by government. Some are allowed to fish. Others are not. The stories keep changing too. And the Gazette is actually a Gazelle as we all try catch up with it as it tears away further each day in fright. Speeches and convoluted statements will have to do for now. And most of them turn out to be fake.

Who do we believe?!

But ok, we are chasing sardines, and in amongst the excited shoals are the sharks and other monsters we are all so entralled with.

The smart people in charge of attracting tourism to the KZN South Coast have jumped ahead and produced the first Sardine Report of 2020. They have teamed up with the formidable crew at OJ Communications and camera legend Justin Klusener – to bring you all the fantastic news – that the Sardine Run 2020 – is well started, and looks to be a cracker. One haul was reported in at 1000 crates!? This is unverified but entirely possible.

At R1500 per crate, somebody is making money right now. But same as last year and the years before, by the time it’s September and the last shoals are still pouring through, the sardine become basically free. The most profit any of us can have right now is getting in amongst it and fighting those sharks off for a few baskets full of your very own sardines.

To admire, eat or use as bait.

The first Sardine Report 2020 is at this link…

Follow the link above for news from UGU Tourism.

And a gallery by the man on the scene Justin Klusener…

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