How to catch Trout in Winter

July 7, 2020 By Johan Wessels 0

How to catch Trout in Winter

How to catch Trout in Winter is a question often asked here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria. Below Charles Stewart from Fishing Pro Shop will do his best to assist in a short article. All the staff at Fishing Pro Shop enjoy fishing for trout and will be happy to assist!

Trout prefer cool water with Rainbow Trout being most active between 14 and 17 degrees celsius. Brown Trout will be active at slightly colder temperatures.

Winter temperatures on the high lying areas of South Africa drop well below this level with water temperature below 10 degrees being common.

In these cold conditions, Trout will move to areas where the temperatures remain more stable. It stands to reason that with ambient temperatures below zero that shallow water will cool dramatically, but also heat up slightly during the day.

It is therefore practical to look for fish in deeper, more stable water. Fishing deep and slow at this time of year will be more productive.

As most waters are crystal clear at this time it is advisable not to employ flies with too much flash. Natural colors will work well with brown and black being some of my favorites.

The reason for this might be because the weed beds turn darker during the shorter days of winter?

The saying of, “Match the hatch” comes into play here and by matching the background the angler will be more successful.

The converse of this also applies as winter is spawning time. Even though trout won’t lay eggs in still water, they will still be staging. One will often see a female with two or three males chasing her in the shallows where gravel is present…

They are generally not interested in feeding, but this is where orange and pink comes into play. In a natural environment where laying eggs take place, after covering the eggs, they pick up anything orange that looks like an egg.

This is to prevent the exposed eggs from rotting and infecting the whole batch.

It, therefore, makes sense to tri flies like the Red Setter(Which is Orange), Egg flies, and Blobs. The latter two can be fished on sinking lines on the bottom. Some anglers are successful by suspending a Blob or Egg file from a big Dry Fly or indicator.

Trout may be slightly more difficult to catch in the very cold months, but by employing the right techniques a lot of fun can still be had.

Charles is available at Fishing Pro Shop on most days and would love to talk trout!

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