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Luring Mermaids:

Luring Mermaids:

Mermaids have been a popular subject of art and literature in recent centuries, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of an Irishman, and the tail of a fish. Mermaids appear in British folklore as unlucky omens, both foretelling disaster and provoking it. Mermaids have also been described as able to swim up rivers to freshwater lakes. It is said that mermaids can be lured ashore by song, repeated casts in the same area, or the promise of warm, flat ale.

Capturing a mermaid successfully requires a specific set of circumstances and sequence of events. This would include a capable vessel and tolerant Captain, a fearless deckhand, and warm ale. (Not in order of importance)

Proper cord, a stout pole, and strong arms all play a role in the successful capture of the creature. Century-old stories, as told by your Grandfather, are a testament to the elusiveness and power of these ancient abominations. Being unprepared will surely result in defeat. One has to consider the fact that, should your quarry become aware of your presence and intent, that they may retaliate in an undesirable fashion, a punishment so severe –  it is said to make grown men cry.

Local folklore suggests that mermaids hide in brush and trees, pouncing on unsuspecting passers-by in order to protect their ill-gotten cache of undrinkable liquor. If you ever have the misfortune of coming face to face with the creature, stop it from boarding the vessel at all costs… even if the deckhand wants to take it home. No need to provoke the elements.

by Divan Coetzee

This fine specimen was taken by Divan Coetzee recently. The creature accepted a 3/16 oz Texas rigged Fighting Frog by Big Bite Baits.

Tackle used: Ducket Micro Magic Pro 7’6MHC rod, Shimano SLX 150 XG reel, and 17lb Berkley Vanish.

Post was written by Divan Coetzee for the Fishing Pro Shop. SEO by The Sardine News. See our freshwater YouTube channel right here.

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