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Sep 2020 Bass update by Divan Coetzee

Divan Coetzee Largemouth Bass

Sep 2020 Bass update by Divan Coetzee

Sep 2020 Bass update by Divan Coetzee: This has been the first proper winter we’ve had in a decade. Normally around this time, Loskop and Roodekoppies would be past their prime. Rusties, Arabie and De Hoop would be on. And Witbank, Bronkies, Middleburg would be in the pre-spawn/spawning stage. 

The old folks knew best when they said: “You can’t catch a blerrie fish during months that don’t have an ‘R’ in it” (sic). I’m beginning to think they were onto something… we’ve been spoiled with the Indian summers of late, being able to target certain species throughout the year was a privilege. The seasons seem to be back in sync, the August winds were on time and hopefully the first rains will also comply. So effectively, everything is delayed by about a month. 

Johan Wessels in the news again. This time a healthy bass!
Johan Wessels in the news again. This time a healthy bass!

Good catches are reported here and there, but the majority of the fish are still deep and staging. If the weather remains stable, fishing would improve drastically as the big females start to move shallow. It is of great importance to take care of the big brood stock females. Take your picture, put her back! With the respect and dignity she deserves! Avoid boxing fish to take pictures later. 

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Thank you for the bass update Divan!

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