Shimano Curado XG reviewed by Divan Coetzee

September 17, 2020 By Sean Lange 0

Shimano Curado XG reviewed by Divan Coetzee

By: Divan Coetzee

Divan Coetzee gets to grips with the popular Shimano Curado XG. With its wider spool for more capacity and versatility. Take it anywhere!

‘I’ve never been a fan of any 200 size baitcaster, the logic behind my disdain is simple. Personally, I have very little use for a 200 size spool, the exception being larger paddletails and swimbaits, that’s where it ends for me. Allow me explain… a 200 spool has a width of approximately 27mm, the average 150 spool measures about 23mm. If you think that 4mm doesn’t make that much of a difference, you are very wrong! It has a profound effect on casting, particularly lighter baits. If the line guide sits in either corner of the frame during a cast, due to the spool width, the line comes off the reel at oblique angles which causes unnecessary and unanticipated friction, which results in an overwind on an otherwise perfect cast, hence the fact that I’ve only used them for heavier applications.

Johan has been asking me to do a review for sometime now, I’ve been putting it off for awhile whilst waiting for an opportunity to put it to work. The idea was to actually catch a few good ones, and not just cast baits all day. The Mrs and I headed off to some private water East of Middelburg, I took only the one setup to force myself to fish the reel all day without the temptation of my other setups.

The XG model has a ratio of 8.5:1 and has a line pickup of 91cm – its fast! Generally, reels with high ratios typically lack torque, but the micro module gear seems to alleviate the issue, to the point that I’d be happy to use the 7 ratio for cranking. The XG only kicks out 11lbs of drag, it’s still sufficient though.

The venue we fished offers a 2kg average, so I spooled up with 17lb fluoro, not conducive to good casting, but I wasn’t going to make easy for the reel to pass the review. It would most certainly perform better with a thinner diameter fluorocarbon or even braid. That being said, it would be silly to spool 12lb on 200 model. That’s what the 150’s and 70’s are for. I left the VBS braking system and external cast control on 50% as per factory setting, and just played around with the spool tension knob relative to the bait I was casting. The reel had no problem casting spinnerbaits, jigs and chatterbaits, it did not enjoy the lighter stuff at all… perhaps with some fiddling it could be better, but not to the point where it would be able to substitute 150’s.

The torque ratio caught me off guard, I did not expect the reel to be a winch, but I pulled several 2kg plus fish to the point that I felt sorry for them. This reel is a well engineered machine, every Shimano fan should have one! They come in 3 different ratios along with the DC model.’

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Thank you Divan for penning up this cool and informative review all about the Shimano Curado XG. We are looking forward to more of this really good stuff. – Johan

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