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Fishing is our heritage – take a kid fishing!

Mackenzie Nel and her trophy catch and release GT in the Umzimkulu

Fishing is our heritage – take a kid fishing!

If fishing is our heritage, then best we take the kids fishing!

Because this might happen…this very past weekend!

Little Mackenzie promises that she will never, ever, stop chasing GTs.

But the real shout out goes to Mackenzies grand dad Mr. Ant Nel, from Port Edward. For taking the time to take his grand daughter out on the water. Preparing and launching his stealth cruiser. For tying on her little green fluke. And steering her in the right direction. And for taking such an amazing video. That has me on the edge of my seat every time I watch it through. And for taking that incredibly cool photograph! And then for letting the trophy fish go back.

The video features Granddad coaching and guiding Mackenzie along as she grapples with this bad-mannered GT. At one point there is the inevitable tangle as the live bait rods got mixed up with the head shaking kingfish. And the video dips out a while. The blank screen with audio makes for a thriller movie type scene.

The fish might have gone 5 or 6kgs or more and put up a great fight. Mackenzie was huffing and puffing before she got the GT to the net and into the boat.

Where it was quickly photographed, and set free again.

Granddad has instilled conservation ethics in young Mackenzie right from the word go. The fish swam off irritated but spirited and having learnt not to pick on little girls!

And so with an inspirational story like that, take ’em fishing!

If fishing is our heritage, take 'em fishing!
If fishing is our heritage, take ’em fishing!

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