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Sardines at Scottburgh

Sardines at Scottburgh

Sardines at Scottburgh

For the second day in a row, there are loads of sardines being netted at Scottburgh main beach, down in southern KZN.

The beaches close by too. Pennington and Rocky Bay have seen plenty action too. Sharks in the shorebreak! Huge lazy sharks swimming slowly along scraping their stomaches on the sand they are so full.

This is our most recent official report, as put out by OJ Communications and UGU Tourism, and is illustrated beautifully by images from the air.

Click on the above link for a full sardine report.

This excerpt from the report above explains the perspectives that were achieved by Noel McDonogh from WOW Flight School…

“We’ve had great weather today with spectacular visibility in all directions,” said Noel McDonogh, pilot at World of Wings Flight School, who has been busy taking magnificent aerial shots of the Sardine Run activity. “We’ve spotted sardine shoals off Scottburgh’s Back Beach with many sharks trailing the fish, and whales breaching between Clansthal and Aliwal Shoal. There have been bull sharks, more than 3 metres in length, spotted among the fish; and a southern right whale seen just one kilometre off the Scottburgh beachfront.”

Right, so, there are more sardines at Scottburgh, being netted, right as I write this!

And the other beaches that have had sardine traffic through this year already, or are hotspots proven from seasons gone by are;

  • Port Edward
  • Ramsgate and Ski-boat Bay
  • Margate
  • St. Michaels
  • The SandSpit
  • Banana Beach/Pumula/Umzumbe
  • Pennington/Rocky Bay/Scotties
  • Umgababa

These spots all have easy access for netters and the public too.

We will keep reporting on the sardines at Scottburgh and surrounds. This is just the very start of the sardine run 2020 and it would be a great time to hit the coast right now!

Bring your shad stuff, and a bigger outfit for your live mullet or shad as the garrick and kob and other gamefish join the sharks and inedibles as they herd shoal after shoal away from the main body of sardines, into the shorebreak. Where we can get at them!

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