Divan Coetzee

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 Bass Fishing, Carp Fishing, Trout Fishing  

About Divan Coetzee

Growing up on the South Coast, Divan started fishing at a young age.  He was involved in the start-up of Fishing Pro Shop in 2008 and is still with the business today.  He has a wide range of interests which include River Fly Fishing for Trout, Fishing saltwater estuaries, and Bass Fishing.  Divan is a well-known authority on Bass Fishing which he does competitively.  He is the author of various articles in the Bass Magazines and has a very wide knowledge of the sport.  He is the agent for the Ducket Rods which are imported from the U.S.A.  He frequents the Drakensberg rivers, fishing for Trout on Nymph and Dry Fly.  When he has the opportunity, he loves fishing the Transkei estuaries where his prime target is the Rock Salmon (River Snapper) which he rates very highly.


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