Edwin Theron

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Carp Fishing, Rock & Surf Fishing, Catfish Fishing.

About Edwin Theron

It seems that all serious anglers are born that way and so it was with Edwin who started fishing between 4 and 5 years of age.  He started competitive Carp Fishing and Rock and Surf Fishing at 12, being a member of the Bloemfontein Angling Club.  He attained Free State ‘A’ Provincial colours in Fresh Water and Rock and Surf Fishing at the age of 13.  He was also captain of the Rock and Surf Team.  He started Specimen Carp Fishing in 2008 and represented South Africa in the World Carp Classic at Lake Bolsena in Italy in  2014.  He loves all types of fishing but his favourite is Rock and Surf and Drone Fishing for Sharks where he has landed a Bronze Whaler of 140kg.  He does still however apply Specimen Techniques for Carp and enjoys catching big Barbel (Catfish).

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