Johan Wessels

Deep Sea Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, Fly Fishing

About Johan Wessels

Johan was also raised on the Natal South Coast and started fishing at a young age.  He enjoyed fishing in the sea but soon also targetted Bass in the dams in the area.  He was privileged to be exposed to Ski Boat Fishing and soon got into catching Couta and Yellowfin Tuna.  After leaving school he spent a few years in the U.K where his interest in Specimen Carp Angling started.  He became proficient in not only the basics but also the advancements in the sport. Johan started specializing in Offshore Fishing.  He is also an avid Fly Fisherman and still enjoys his Bass Fishing.  The Offshore scene is his specialty and especially fishing for Billfish.  He is very knowledgeable on all aspects of Billfishing and has been on the winning team of Billfish 10 000.  Johan also enjoys jigging and popping and has recently developed a passion for Slow pitch jigging from the boat and off the shore.  Being a partner at Fishing Pro Shop for so many years he has an amazing knowledge of fishing tackle and techniques.  Apart from Marlin Fishing, Johan has been privileged to catch large Yellowfin Tuna off the Cape.


Johan has also fished extensively and places that come to mind are U.K, Mozambique, Namibia, Costa Rica, Cape St Francis, Sodwana, Bassas da India, Inhaca, Nicaragua, and St. Lazarus

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