Kirk McVittie

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Carp Fishing, Fly Fishing, Yellowfish Fishing, Bass Fishing, Boat Fishing. 

About Kirk McVittie

Kirk’s passion for fishing started at a young age and has continued with great enthusiasm.  He has been involved in the fishing tackle industry for some 23 years and is very knowledgeable.  After being a dedicated Carp angler in his younger days, his interest has moved to Flyfishing for Trout and Yellowfish, Bass fishing, and saltwater artificial lure fishing.  He enjoys fishing not only small impoundments for Bass but also boat fishing on bigger waters.  As far as the salt goes, he loves casting plugs for Garrick and lures for Kob.  His knowledge of the Transkei and especially Mazeppa Bay is amazing.  Kirk is also one of the most talented and well-known Rod Builders in the country.  The craftsmanship of the KSM (Kirk Shane McVittie) Brand is well known and appreciated throughout the country.  Beautiful rods are built from scratch and customization is a specialty.  Repairs are amazing and all attention to detail is superb.

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