Fishing Nicaragua with Johan Wessels and the Fishing Pro Shop

Fishing Nicaragua: the Jungle Waters

Fishing Nicaragua: Jungle Waters

Introduction to fishing Nicaragua jungle waters

Johan Wessels of the Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria East, got himself as far-flung as possible last week, in his quest to catch that tarpon. All 150lbs of the beast fish!

But it wasn’t ALL about the flash tarpon fish that Johan and crew were after. The jungle waters of Nicaragua teem with the most pretty of species.

Over to Johan’s running commentary…

[21:42, 17/10/2019] Johan: Been out fishing the jungle and throwing small spinnerbaits and rapalas at the submerges trees…
Here are some pictures
[21:42, 17/10/2019] Johan: Rainbow bass on small spinner bait
[21:42, 17/10/2019] Johan: Bluegill sunfish on small rapala
[21:42, 17/10/2019] Johan: Also managed this snook
[21:42, 17/10/2019] Johan: Here is a short video of the jungle
[21:42, 17/10/2019] Johan: Lots of small fish, amazing fishing in all that flooded structure and easy to see why it holds so many fish

After the team took a well needed break they started preparing for another day in the wild jungle. Fishing Nicaragua style!

[14:05, 19/10/2019] Johan: So the fishing is done and we start heading back this morning.
Yesterday’s jungle fishing was a bit of a dud fishing wise, but the jungle is indescribable… we would be travelling on a small creek, hardly big enough for a small johnboat to travel through and then it opens up into a lake big enough to rival most of our inland waters….
We did set out for a last tarpon session and i finally hooked up on fly and staying hooked up for 10 m before straightening yet another hook…
The take was ferocious and i have blisters on my fingers to prove it…
[14:06, 19/10/2019] Johan: So from here it is Cesna back to costa rica, followed by an afternoon flight to London and the tomorrow evening home to Jozi…

What a trip! Not to mention two days of travelling home!

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Post prepped by The Sardine News.

Post prepped by The Sardine News.
Written by Sean Lange and Johan Wessels.

The Fishing Pro Shop in Nicaragua

The Fishing Pro Shop News channel is firing up! Last week we had Divan Coetzee, FPS Pro, relating his experiences with bass fishing and social media. Check that story out right here. This week we have ongoing commentary all the way from Nicaragua, where another Fishing Pro Shop Pro, our own Johan Wessels, is chasing…tarpon! Really big tarpon.

So stay tuned as we keep you up-to-date on the seasons, the fish, and the antics of the Pro crew – working at the Fishing Pro Shop, right here on this channel. For now, it’s back to Ecuador…

They are having a great time all the way over there in those fish rich waters. But fishing for those punishing brutes takes it’s toll, physically, mentally, and on your gear and tackle. They are extremely dogged in a fight, cunning and strong, as they change direction in milliseconds. Coming flying up and out of the water in cascading spray and drama. Or diving down deep and sitting vas, breaking the angler’s already broken back. You have to fit and strong to tackle these beasts. Physically, and mentally.

The mighty tarpon in Nicaragua . Nicaragua is a place in the world where huge tarpon still thrives, not just survives!

Johan left a few days ago, flying all over the planet, to get to his final destination. His first few sessions were interesting indeed, many big fish lost, but some small ones (?!), as in the pic below, did make it boatside.

Many hooks were straightened or bent. Traces broken. Egos bruised by these legendary fighting fish.

But, many lessons learnt too.

A tarpon. A small tarpon?! Read on…

Some commentary from Johan…after his first day out there, very early morning…

[02:12, 13/10/2019] Johan: Right… so we got here and fished for tarpon for two hours…
[02:12, 13/10/2019] Johan: Before the light caught us…
[02:13, 13/10/2019] Johan: And i can say that i have been humbled by the silver king…
Jumped 2 fish. The guides say one was 80lb and the other a 100lb…
[02:14, 13/10/2019] Johan: My friend ben landed one of 130lb. Awaiting pics…
[02:15, 13/10/2019] Johan: Both fish screwed up my best laid plans with gamakatsu and mustad hooks….
[02:15, 13/10/2019] Johan: I think the saying is true…
[02:15, 13/10/2019] Johan: You get tarpon and then everything else..
[02:16, 13/10/2019] Johan: Now. These are the smaller fish of this area….

However things improved very fast for the FPS representative Johan, as he changed tactics and this next script arrived in my inbox!

[13:11, 15/10/2019] Johan: And so starts another fishing morning on search of tarpon…
Yesterday was a tuff game chasing the tarpon, but we did manage two. One of 80 and another of 120lb…
[13:13, 15/10/2019] Johan: Live bait and deadbait has been the way, but did hook up again on the bucktail yesterday…
The bighest challenge has not been getting them to bite, but to get the hooks to stay in their bucket mouths….

Tarpon waters waiting for you in Ecuador
Tarpon waters waiting for you in Ecuador

As of this point in the adventure, Johan and crew have been battling the available bandwidth over there, in the sticks, to get the videos and imagery to us. Stand by though, it’s definitely going to be hotting up!

Then it came, the news we had been waiting for.

Finally, proof of tarpon! This action packed gallery just filtered through the airwaves, and was worth the wait for sure.

And so, barely a few days into the Nicaraguan tarpon mission, the highly prized benchmark 150lb dream fish made it boatside. Tamed by Johan Wessels after many attempts and many near misses. This was one of quite a few fish Johan was able to get to the boat. Many of the hooked fish never came near the boat at all!

They guys are fishing live bait and dead bait. And lures. The bucktail jig that Johan had some good success with, features in this next gallery, of action packed imagery.

This will mark the end of Part 1 of our coverage of Johan’s adventure chasing and taming tarpon in the wild waters of Nicaragua . I am pretty sure the team is hard at rest now that they have had their fill. Or have they?

So stay close for the next instalment or two, all the way from south America.

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Post prepped by The Sardine News.
Written by Sean Lange and Johan Wessels.

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Social Media and the Bass Fisherman

Social media and the Bass fisherman

FPS’s Kirk with his this year’s best fish so far

Social media and the Bass fisherman

Bass: Fishing Pro Shop’s Divan Coetzee has prepared a series of articles putting bass firmly in the cross hairs, -this being the first one. Every week from now and for 10 weeks, we will publish one bass fishing post from Divan. In amongst other how-to and news articles from all the other fish species our authors are committed to. Johan Wessels is right now representing the Fishing Pro Shop in Nicaragua as he commits to teaching those tarpon a few lessons. We are looking forward to his contributions coming up shortly.

Over to Divan…

Divan Coetzee puts social media and the bass fisherman into perspective
FPS’s Divan Coetzee puts Bass fishing and social networking into perspective.ctive

I’ve wanted to touch on this subject for a while now but, I was not sure what I wanted to say, or whether it will be relevant or help full… there are many aspects I’d like to cover on this topic, but I’ll only end up ranting and spewing rubbish, much like my previous works. Anyway, you’ve all seen those posts, and maybe you’ve even made one before, it normally goes something like this: – “Hi everyone, my buddy and I want to go catch some bass tomorrow. Where is the best spot and with what can I catch them”. Sounds innocent enough doesn’t it? One almost feels compelled to help. Then it got me thinking: what did I do in my early years prior to the ‘information at the touch of a button age’? I’ll tell you what! I shredded any and all information pertaining to bass fishing and fishing in general. If you are passionate enough about fishing, you’ll do the same. If not, then you are that guy that’s always late for class and did not do his homework, hoping he can get enough done in the 5 minutes preceding first period. What I’m saying is: if you are a crappy student, you’ll be a crappy bass fisherman.

Bass fishing has no short answers, just an endless array of variables. If you can’t make peace with this, then you’ll end up over complicating things for yourself. Back to the point! So, said person is perfectly capable of typing his request and submitting it to social media? Right, but why social media and not a more dedicated platform? Something like wired2fish or any Bass magazine out there. Let me tell you why! It takes little to no effort to attain ‘information’ on these sites. Remember this is the same guy who never does his homework, and most other platforms offer extensive solutions to his questions, yet he is unwilling to literally just sit there and listen, never mind having to go through hours of reading material. They like their answers in 3 words or less but, these folks will have a hard time achieving any consistency.

The fact that there are thousands and thousands of lure choices (and opinions) does not make it easy for entry level and beginner anglers either. If you are still consumed by lure selection, rest assured, the solution is not on the shelf. This brings us to the second part of the conversation – the answers! If you’ve ever answered a question like that on social media in 3 words or less, then shame on you! We’ll circle back to this shortly; ever noticed how many experts and specialists we have out there? Thank goodness these guys aren’t tournament fisherman; No wonder folks take to social media for instant advise. Top answers include, but are not limited to: “Bronkhorstspruit! Rusties! Flukes, Senko, Witbank Spinnerbaits, where do you live, I’m going there next week…. Jigs, crankbaits!” The list goes on and on…. What can one possibly hope to learn form these contradictory utterances? Yes sure you can go to above mentioned venue and throw out said baits and catch a fish, but how does that help you long term? Are you seriously going to consult whom ever is quickest on the keyboard every time you consider an outing? Luckily there are no wrong answers in bass fishing but, some answers are more correct than others relatively speaking. So how does one convey the correct info in 3 words or less? Easy, you don’t! Effort equals reward in this case and the onus is on you to up your game and reference framework. You have to put in the hours.

FPS's Kirk with his this year's best fish so far
FPS’s Kirk McVittie with his this year’s best fish so far

Reference framework I hear you ask? Every single outing you’ve had prior to the next one is your reference, ie: location, time of year, weather conditions, dam level, predominant structure, baitfish… all these factors contribute to making informed decisions. The more you fish a specific body of water under specific conditions, the better your reference will be. Our waters are small in comparison to the USA so a bass literally has nowhere to hide; yet finding fish takes a back seat when compared to lure selection locally. We place way too much emphasis on lure selection and pay little attention to the stuff that matters. Do you think the top anglers in this Country have some special bait that they’re unwilling to tell you about? Maybe…. But the reality is that these guys know how to find fish relative to the seasonal stage; that’s the key.

It’s a big pill, swallow it slowly so you don’t forget it! Perhaps we’ll take a deeper look at seasonal staging in future issues. This forms part of the fundamentals to understanding bass behavior and cycles.

In closing, if you put in the effort, you’ll be duly rewarded. Selling people down the river is in poor taste. There are no short cuts – only long days, blistering heat, icy wind, swollen fingers, sunburn, windburn, dehydration, late nights and early mornings… all of it, absolutely worth it!

Thank you Divan for another excellent piece. Looking forward to your next one – Sean

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We’re back!

We’re back!

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