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Ark Fishduc

The Ark Fishduc comes in many colors with different floors. At Fishing Pro Shop we try to always keep a standard Fishduc in Grey/Blue trim with an Airfloor. We would be happy to assist with any other model though!

The boat comes standard in a bag with a pump and oars.

Over years of fishing with inflatable boats, we have found the Grey color to not heat up as much as other darker colors. This is simply gut feel…

Below you can have a look at some of the different varieties:

– FISHDUC FD 350 WF (Fishduc 2 person, Wood floor)
– FISHDUC FD 350 AF (Fishduc 2 person, Airfloor)
– FISHDUC X FDX 350 WF (Fishduc 2 person Adjustable Wooden seats with Airfloor)
– FISHDUC X FDX 350 AF (Fishduc 2 person Adjustable Wooden seats with Airfloor)

The Fishduc can be used for any application, from White water canoeing, Fishing, Crayfishing, Yacht tendering, Family holiday inflatable boat

The FISHDUC is the No.1 selling inflatable boat in ARK’S fleet.

We find the Fishduc best a Specimen Carp, small bass boat or a Flyfishing machine for both the Vaal River and large still waters!!!

This Ark is designed tuff!

Boasting a sturdy 22-mm marine ply transom, the FISHDUC was principally designed to accommodate up to a 10hp engine.

Fitted with either marine ply floor or our new drop-thread Airfloor. Its flat profile glides easily over the water and an effective bailing system ensures you are ready for the next big wave.

The Fishduc is a surprisingly stable platform, with its large diameter 340 mm tubes, you can easily stand up to cast. Even fly-cast!!!

At 3.5 meters long this inflatable boat has exceptional performance under power.

The Fishduc is the ultimate in portable inflatable boats, easily stored and deployed by one person. This is the only rubber duck that you need.

Like all of ARK’s craft, the FISHDUC is durable and built to withstand extreme conditions and abuse.

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We run a bunch of video channels too, on YouTube – right here is a saltwater list that is going to be growing flat out over the next short while…

Post by The Sardine News for The Fishing Pro Shop.




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