Azuma Claud Hopper Jr.



Azuma Claud Hopper Jr.

Azuma Claud Hopper Jr is the most tested and prototyped bait of all the Azuma lures.

For 3 years, Azuma worked to make a diving bill as large as possible on the smallest body. They finally succeeded in building a lure that will dive to depths over 5′ with a micro-sized profile.

Another unique feature of Claud Hopper Jr. is the single #4 tail hook.

Azuma wanted to use a hook larger than the typical #8 hook used on this size bait, but two hooks would tangle.

The result of all of these features is a lure with action and size unlike anything on the market. We must stress that you use a slow to medium retrieve with the Claud Hopper Jr. A fast retrieve will overpower this bait and affect the unique action.

This bait is perfect for wary bass and deadly on yellowfish!

We also stock a wide range of other bass lures including Zoom, Gary Yamamoto, Mcarthy, and many others!

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