Azuma Popper Z


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Azuma Popper Z

Azuma Popper Z delivers tried and tested topwater performance! Right out of the packet! No need to add new hooks…

Just tie it on and cast it out!

The Azuma Popper Z Popper is a simple-to-use topwater that no tackle box should be without.

Built with a slightly larger body than most typical poppers, the Azuma Popper Z Popper is crafted with a wide mouth and a deep throat. This creates a much deeper gurgling with a more aggressive popping action.

The Azuma also features an internal rattle system to add another element of acoustic attraction that calls fish from far and wide.

To ensure a high hook-up ratio, the Azuma Popper Z Popper is fitted with two razor-sharp treble hooks.

Offered in a wide selection of colors, the Azuma Popper Z Popper is one that you should have tied on every time you hit the water.

We also stock a wide range of other bass lures including Zoom, Gary Yamamoto, Mcarthy, and many others!

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Bone White, Olive Oil, Midnight Black, Casper Shad, Gold Finger


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