BKK O3 Fishing Gaiter


92% Polyester; 8% Spandex

Lightweight, Breathable, Stretchable

BKK O3 Fishing Gaiter

The BKK O3 Fishing Gaiter is specially developed to provide full protection of both face and neck when fishing under extremely hot sun.

The OZONESHIELD fabric technology undergoes a special UV blocking treatment that enhances the body’s ability to maintain perspiration and provides ultimate UV protection by up to UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 40+ against excessive UV radiations that can harm your skin.

This, combined with vent holes over the mouth and nostrils, prevents the heat of your breath from clamming up the inside of the mask, fogging your lenses.

Besides, high stretchability along with an innovative design allows for complete freedom of motion and comfort.


Camouflage, Water Blue

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