Black Bart Bad Guy


Hand Made / Head Colours WILL Vary / Contact us for Specifics

Black Bart Bad Guy

Black Bart Bad Guy is a small tube lure that has an attitude! Lots of it!!!

This lure runs straight and is best fished on light to medium tackle.

Rig with 8/0 hooks and 200lb leader for best swimming action…

This is an all-species lure that will catch anything from Skipjack to Sailfish to Blue Marlin..

This lure is best rigged with 8/0’s or 9/0’s hook sets.

We sell all our lures unrigged, but we are happy to rig any lure to your exact specifications.

For more info on our wide range of premium big game tackle call Johan Wessels on 012 809 3334.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Pretoria store!


Black Purple, Dolphin, Blue Yellow Rainbow, Deep Green Chart, Blue White

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