Black Bart Super Pro Metal BBD/GOT


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Black Bart Super Pro Metal BBD/GOT

The new heavy, Black Bart Super Pro Metal BBD/GOT is the result of many years of hunting for big wahoo!

Experimentation over the years has proven that speed is vital when targeting big Wahoo…

The new Bart Heavy Metals are born from the Black Bart Pro Jet Series designs with a little more weight.

Wahoo, Marlin, and Tuna will all jump onto this new heavyweight champion.

Pull this lure with or with-out a trolling weight, depending on the speed you are doing or the depth you wish to cover. We would suggest having a mix of different weighted trolling weights in the spread.

Spread them out from 30 meters all the way out to 150 meters and do tight turns on the edge of the drop-off. This will ensure that some of them dip while other rises.

This technique will drive WAHOO and other pelagic species mad!

Cleary this a Wahoo lure, but definitely not limited to wahoo and will also serve as an excellent bad weather lure for Marlin off Sodawana and Richards Bay.

Some Specs on the new Bart:

Length: 15″
Weight: 9 oz vs. Standard SPJ: 7 oz
Best Rigged: 10/0 Wahoo Rig or 9/0 Standard Mono Rig

Fishing Pro Shop has been a proud stockist of Black Bart Lures for over 10 years!

Want to talk Black Bart lures or custom rigging? Feel free to call us on 012 809 3334…

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We run a bunch of video channels too, on YouTube – right here is a saltwater list that is going to be growing flat out over the next short while…



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