Black Hole Flasher BK/ERD


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Black Hole Flasher BK/ERD

The Black Hole Flasher BK/ERD lures unique head design allows water to pass through it and out the gills located behind the natural 3-D eyes.

Creating exceptional spray and smoke, all while running straight and true. Thes are the very characteristics that attract game fish from great distances.

This lure can also be used with natural baits at speeds of 6 to 10 knots, personally I love rigging this exact black and E-Red lure with a belly-shine for WAHOO.

Many of my friends use the Black Hole clean with great success.

Here at Fishing Pro Shop, we stock all our Ilanders in the Flasher version as the difference in price so small! We would be happy to order a non-flasher for you or you can just trim them off?

This lure is ideal for catching Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado, and Sailfish. I do find that as this lure is very light(Part of the reason for its success!!), so do consider rigging with a BIRD when the wind comes up.

This lure image is an example of a two standard color Black and E-Red (Bk/ERD) Black Hole Flasher. You can order the head in many different colors, so please feel free to request one if you do not want the standard silver.

Best fished on medium to heavy tackle, Rigged with 8/0-10/0 hooks depending on the target species… I would not dare to fish lighter than 15kg mainline with these fish catching machines…

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