Black Magic Equalizer Set


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Black Magic Equalizer Set

Black Magic Equalizer Set is the go-to harness for all your stand-up adventures!!!

The Equalizer® is a specially designed gimbal and harness set, which allows you to apply maximum pressure to your fish without applying maximum pressure to your body.

We love the fact that the system is lightweight and that you can wear it all day, allowing you to be ready for the next bite!

The plate is padded ensuring comfort during the longest of fights with big tuna and marlin.

Designed to eliminate sideways movements of the gimbal under load and in heavy seas to make sure that you only have to focus on the fish. Simply lean back and let the fish fight your body weight.

The system comes neatly packaged in a bag to keep everything together.

The Black Magic Equalizer Set is perfect for use on straight but and short bent butt rods.

We carry one of the widest ranges of Deep Sea tackle in South Africa and we look forward to welcoming you to our Pretoria store.

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