Boss 8X Slick Braid Yellow


Boss 8X Slick Braid Yellow

Boss 8X Slick Braid Yellow features a Du Pont Teflon surface coating to ensure longevity and smooth casting.

This is an 8-Carrier braid and excellent value for money!

The Boss braid comes in Yellow, Green, and multi-color.

Here at Fishing Pro Shop, we stock Boss Braid in 300, 600, and 1000 meter spools.

Boss Braid is ideally suited to a range of fishing techniques. From bass fishing to surf spinning.

The bulk spools are also ideal backing when drone fishing!

We stock a wide range of braids and have two line winding machines here at FPS to spool your reels perfectly!

For more information call us on 012 809 3334.

Breaking Strain+ Spool Length

10lb 300m, 15lb 300m, 20lb 300m, 30lb 300m, 40lb 300m, 50lb 300m, 65lb 300m, 80lb 300m, 40lb 600m, 50lb 600m, 65lb 600m, 80lb 600m, 50lb 1000m, 65lb 1000m, 80lb 1000m, 100lb 1000m

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