Carp’R’Us Mouthsnagger Dragon Fly


Line Aligner

Qty: 8 per Pack

Carp’R’Us Mouthsnagger Dragon Fly

The Carp’R’Us Mouthsnagger Dragon Fly is the perfect way to spice up line aligner rigs!

We all know that carp love dragonflies and this is the perfect way to incorporate it into your hook rig.

They come in a range of Dragon Fly colors,  Larve  Green, Brown, Black & Clear!

They will easily attach to any hook from Size 2 to Size12.

No need to heat shrink tubes and they can easily be reused!

A hook with a Mouthsnagger attached will totally transform the efficiency of the rig and put far more fish on the bank.

Here at Fishing Pro Shop, we stock a wide range of specimen carping gear for all anglers.

For more info contact us on 012 809 3334.


Black, Red, Brown, Green, Clear

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