Cuda 5.5″ Braid Shear


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Cuda 5.5″ Braid Shear

The Cuda 5.5″ Large Braid Shear balances power and functionality well.

Featuring large, non-slip Cuda scale pattern handles for comfort and control, stainless steel titanium bonded blades, and dual serrated blades that grip and cut, you can make short work of tough lines with a single snip if the shears.

The titanium bonding treatment of the blades also provides exceptional edge retention and corrosion resistance so you can count on consistent, powerful results every time you close the blades over a line regardless of the conditions.

The 5.5″ Large Braid Shear makes for a fine addition to any tackle box.

  • Cuts Braid, Mono & Fluorocarbon
  • Dual Serrated Blades Grip & Cut
  • Oversized, Non-Slip Comfort Bows
  • Corrosion Resistant
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