Cuda 6 Piece Knife Set


Extra Sharp / Carry Bag Included

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Cuda 6 Piece Knife Set

The Cuda 6 Piece Knife Set has everything you need for any sized catch.

Each knife features a titanium bonded blade, visible full-tang construction, and the iconic Cuda scale pattern non-slip grips. The titanium bonding of each blade ensures that it is 3x harder than untreated steel!

This provides exceptional edge retention while also creating a bulwark against corrosion and rust from exposure to the elements.

To complement each blade, the full-tang constructions and non-slip grips also allow you to wield each knife with a firm precision rivaled by a few.

Complete with a knife sharpener and heavy-duty Prym1 case for secure storage, there will be few fillets that cannot be made with the help of the comprehensive 6 Piece Fillet Knife Set.


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