Cuda 8.5″ Dehooker


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Cuda 8.5″ Dehooker

The Cuda 8.5″ Dehooker is built to last and will deliver consistent, reliable results day in and day out.

The dehooking mechanism of the will not flake, blister, chip, or peel due to it being titanium bonded.

The same treatment also makes the Dehooker three times harder than untreated steel.

Complimented by dual Cuda scale pattern grips, you can enjoy a comfortable and incredibly secure grip for complete control in all environments and conditions.

Complete with a shaft of aluminum construction, the Dehooker’s material makeup is as great for marine-based tools as it is corrosion-resistant. No matter the conditions, the 8.5″ Dehooker will deliver and make a fine addition to any tackle box.

  • Titanium Bonded Dehooking Mechanism
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Aluminum construction
  • Non-slip Cuda scale pattern grips
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