Daiwa J-Braid Chartreuse


Daiwa J-Braid Chartreuse

The Daiwa J-Braid Chartreuse x8 line is a complete lineup of high-quality eight-carrier braids. 3oom Spools.

These braids are made from the finest materials in Japan.

Eight Strands of tightly woven fibers make for a perfectly round profile.

The result is a much stronger, softer, and smoother line that is more sensitive and farther casting.

J-Braid is one of the best value-for-money braided lines on the market.

Here at Fishing Pro Shop in the East of Pretoria, we carry a wide range of braids.

For more info call us on 012 809 3334

Breaking Strain

10lb, 15 lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb

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