Damiki TOT Double Willow 3/8


Damiki TOT Double Willow 3/8

The Damiki TOT Double Willow 3/8 features quality, form, function, and value! Making this the ideal bass spinner bait!

Built around a heavier gauge wire frame, the Damiki Time on Target Spinnerbait features:

-Unique flat blades, which produce a heavier thump and stronger vibration than standard blades,

-Pressed scale patterns create a brighter more vivid flash

-Highly detailed head design that allows it to come through cover very efficiently and remain perfectly balanced at any retrieve speed.

-Razor-sharp long shank hook for an increased hook-up ratio,

-Premium ball bearing swivel and clevis that ensure continuous blade rotation at any speed.

-Hand-tied skirt that features a combination of silicone and Mylar flash

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Luxury Gold, Brown Shad, Bluegill Flash

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