DB Baits Tigernuts Skinned 125ml


125ml Skinned Tigernuts full of flavour for easy rigging

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DB Baits Tigernuts Skinned 125ml


Db Baits Skinned Tigernuts became very popular due to the fact that it releases the soaked flavour a lot quicker than your normal Tigernut would do. This gives you the edge when u concentrate on fishing flavours on your desired spot. This bait has produced numerous big fish abroad, as well in our South African Waters, winning championships abroad and back home. The skinned Tigers are also softer and make rigging easier. Trimming your bait to the desired size is easier seeing its skin is ready peeled and ready to use as is.

Available in twenty different flavours, in a 125ml sealed bottle which keeps the bait fresh, and has a lifetime of about 4-5 years.

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Citrus Supreme, Almond S, Coconut Supreme, Milah Mellow, Ginger Ninja, Nutty Crust, Honey, Banana XTR, Pineapple X, Plain, Mango & Peach, Mulberry, Mulberry Fluoro, Icatonic


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