Duckett Silverado


The Duckett Silverado by Boyd Duckett. Choose from three of these flash models of high spec high-accuracy casting rods. Available at the Fishing Pro Sh



Duckett Silverado

The Duckett Silverado comes in three models available at the Fishing Pro Shop in-store or right here online.

The slick-looking range of serious bass rods are priced nicely too.


  • – Halo-Sanded™ – for a stronger, lighter rod with great sensitivity.
  • – Additional external carbon wrap for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Carbon fiber scrim.
  • – Sensi-touch blanks- made from the highest quality multi-modulus pre-pregs for an extremely lightweight and durable rod.
  • – High impact, cut resistant comfort grip EVA
  • – EVA fore grip for better control and feel.
  • – Proprietary designed True Split reel seat for better blank to hand transmission of vibration.
  • – Definite separation of tip and backbone for enhanced performance, cast ability and control.
  • – New overall guide design and epoxy dramatically reduces any potential guide failures.
  • – New proprietary 316 stainless steel frames with groove resistant industrial grade hard chrome inserts.
  • – Arrow head design, extended foot, thicker neck and locking wrap to eliminate guide pull out and breakage.
  • – Double foot elevated stripper and first running guide that adds strength and provides a smoother  transition as well for longer casts and durability.

Duckett Silverado Models



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