Fox MX Micron and Receiver 3-Set


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Fox MX Micron and Receiver 3-Set

The Fox MX Micron and Receiver 3-Set alarm presentation set is a pleasure to behold.

Three alarms and a receiver securely protected in a plastic carrying case.

Gone are the days of someone else deciding what color lights you can have on your alarm. You choose between red, orange, green, blue, purple, and white in the same way as you would on the much more expensive RX+.

A favorite feature is that these alarms now use standard AAA batteries that can be found anywhere!

Some other features are included below:

  • Dual step sensitivity
  • Indexed volume adjustment dial
  • Indexed tone adjustment dial
  • Top-quality cone speaker
  • Built-in I-Com transmitter technology for use with MX Receiver
  • Rubber ear inlays
  • Tru-run roller wheel
  • Three-position toggle switch
  • D-Tech Sensing System
  • Silent startup
  • 1 x power out socket for use with illuminated bite indicators

Built for long sessions, equally suited for trips to big dam like Klaserie, Doorndraai, Klip Koppie, or the local pond!

I have seen these tuff little alarms survive big storms, being drenched by the heaviest rain and then baked in the African sun for years on end. Yet to see one fail!

These little gems will keep you in contact and updated with whatever happens at the business end of your line.

Simply screw into a matching Fox pod, add swingers and you are good to go!

To get the most out of these sensitive Fox Micron MX 3 alarms use Rovex Tergo braid.

Spoil yourself and invest in carping nirvana!

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