G Loomis GCX Casting Rod



GCX 812 C JWR CASTING 3/8-1/2 10-17LB 6’9 1 PIECE
GCX 852 C JWR CASTING 1/8-3/8 10-14 7’1 1 PIECE
GCX 853 C JWR CASTING 3/16-5/8 12-16LB 7’1 1 PIECE
GCX 854 C JWR CASTING 5/16-3/4 14-20LB 7’1 1 PIECE
GCX 893 C JWR CASTING 3/16-5/8 12-16LB 7’5 1 PIECE

G Loomis GCX Casting Rod

G Loomis GCX Casting Rod is the entry point into the world of G Loomis bass rods.

Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington, the new G. Loomis GCX features iconic actions and innovative design that anglers have come to expect from the brand that refuses to rest on its laurels.

Utilizing G. Loomis Multi-Taper Design technology to engineer technique-specific rods, the GCX collection provides anglers with ultra-durable blanks with powers and actions to boost effectiveness on the water.

Ultra-lightweight SeaGuide Hero One guides adorn the carbon-built blanks to help minimize line tangles and maximize casting efficiency.

Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria is one of the biggest G Loomis dealers in South Africa.

For more info call us on 012 809 3334.


854C JWR, 812C SBR, 852C JWR, 853C JWR, 893C JWR

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