Gomoku Slow Rocker 40 Black Zebra


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Gomoku Slow Rocker 40 Black Zebra

The Gomoku Slow Rocker 40 Black Zebra opens up a range of new possibilities for anglers!
Producing a high-frequency fluttering action on the fall. This creates an aggressive presence that drives both bottom and game fish wild.
This slow-pitch jig is the perfect choice when fishing shallow water or slack current.

Rigged with a single VMC 7177 PTFE assist hook with added flash, this jig is ready to fish as soon as it comes out of the packet.

  • The asymmetrical design encourages horizontal descent
  • Fluttering on the fall with tight falling-leaf action
  • Holo, dual face, glow & metallic finishes
  • Rigged with VMC 7177 PTFE coated assist hook providing 50% increased penetration on Dacron cord with tinsel
  • Suited to slow-pitch “lift & fall” presentations close to structure with aggressive action

I recently had the opportunity to test these jigs on the South Coast out of Port Shepstone on my ultralight shore jigging outfit! We had great fun with small amberjack!

Best fished on slow pitched jigging rods with a braided line between 10 and 30lb. These jigs are ideal for a wide range of bottom fish like Slinger, Scotsman, and Rockcods. But do not be surprised to hook other species like Kingies and Amberjacks on the fish magnets!

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