Iland Lures Express Flasher



Iland Lures Express Flasher

Iland Lures Express Flasher is probably the most famous jet head marlin lure in South Africa!

This lure swims straight with a beautiful bubble trail that is easy for gamefish to catch. This is a lightweight lure that gives excellent hook-ups!

We believe this lure is best used on the long rigger in good weather conditions. However, when the wind picks up simply add a bird in front of your favorite Express and keep fishing!

Rig with 400lb leader and 10/o hooks.

Here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria, we carry one of the widest selections of premium Marlin lures. From Black Bart, Big T, Zacatak, Pulsator, and many more!

For more info on our custom rigging options call us on 012 809 3334.

We are on Facebook at HTTP:// roshop.pretoria/



Blue/White, Black/Plum, Black/E-Red, E-Blue/E-Red/E-Green, E-Green/E-Red/Chartreuse, Marlin, Blue/E-Blue/Crystal


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