Ilander Flasher Jnr Dolphin


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Ilander Flasher Jnr Dolphin

Ilander Flasher Jnr Dolphin has all the great fish-catching characteristics as the World Famous Ilander. This fish-catching magnet just comes in a smaller size and lighter weight.

This lure has become a firm favourite general gamefish lure for myself. The Jr Ilander easily swims with Williamson Speedpros.

I rig mine with double 7/0 hooks and thin fluorocarbon leader. Where I can I will always add a half-beak or belly shine.

This lure catches all species, from Bonito all the way to Marlin.

Ideal when sea conditions are calm or when gamefish want a smaller presentation. The JR Ilander Flasher features a bullet head for higher trolling speeds. This lure is perfect for catching Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, and Tuna. This lure is available in a Chrome Head Colour and Optional Head Colours as shown below. The JR Ilander Flasher is also available in the non-Flasher Series (see Jr. Ilander).

The lure image on the left is an example of a standard colour Dolphin (DOL) Jr. Ilander Flasher.

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