Korda Anti Tangle Sleeves Gravel



Korda Anti Tangle Sleeves Gravel

These little gems, the Korda Anti Tangle Sleeves Gravel were designed to prevent tangles on the cast. But they do more than that!

They also help to kick your hook bait away from the lead once the rig lands on the lake bed ensuring the best presentation possible.

You only have to watch Korda Underwater 8 to understand how important these seemingly simple little rubber sleeves are.

Combined with Ali’s fluorocarbon rigs, the Korda Anti-Tangle Sleeves Clay actually helped his rigs to reset themselves after they’d been rejected by wary fish. That meant that even though he’d been ‘done’ his rig was still fishing effectively, ready for your next customer!

These little gems have become an integral part of pretty much each and every segment of specimen carp fishing. Anywhere where there is a connection is an opportunity to use the anti-tangle sleeve. From rigs to back leads! The possibilities are endless…

We stock these Anti Tangle Sleeves in four great colors to match the area you are fishing in.

  • Clay
  • Gravel
  • Silt
  • Weed

Matching the area surrounding your hook bait is vital, and so much fun when fishing in clear water for big wary carp…

This specific model comes in the color “Gravel” and is ideal for fishing over Gravel bottoms.

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