Korda Barbed Krank Rigs – Kamo


Korda Barbed Krank Rigs – Kamo

The Korda Barbed Krank Rigs – Kamo, has been launched! These are now available in a ready-tied format, produced to exacting specifications.

Krank Rigs utilize a coated hook link material with a small section stripped back to allow the Krank hook to take hold consistently!

Tied with a size-eight swivel, allowing attachment to lead clips and inline leads.

Each pack comes with a free set of Extenda bait stops, allowing a variety of different-sized baits to be used on the same length hair, from a single grain of Fake Food plastic corn on the smaller sizes up to double 20mm offerings on the size 2.

The Barbed Krank Rigs are available at Fishing Pro Shop

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#4 20Lb 9.1kg, #6 15Lb 6.8kg

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