Korda Basix Hooklink


Coated or Braided Hooklink – 25LB / 11.3 Kg ; 10 M

Korda Basix Hooklink

Korda Basix Hooklink is available in a coated or braided hook link.

The Coated Hooklink is a soft, supple coated braid material that lends itself to all sorts of different presentations for bottom baits, wafters, and pop-ups. Both the inner braid and the outer coating are a subtle camo green colour to help ensure that it will blend in with whatever type of lakebed you are fishing.

The Korda Basix Braided Hooklink is the perfect choice for fishing in solid PVA bags or any other presentation where you don’t have to worry about tangles such as the method. The braided hook link material is very supple, yet also strong and abrasion-resistant, and it knots very well with any conventional fishing knot. It is camo green in colour and will blend in well with any lake bed you are fishing.

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Coated Hooklink, Braided Hooklink

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