Korda Booms QC 5.5″


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Korda Booms QC 5.5″

The Spinner rig is one of the most popular and effective carp-catching presentations around at the moment, but tying them from scratch can be time-consuming, not to mention daunting if you have never attempted it before. Korda Booms QC 5.5″ are tied on 5.5 inches of 25lb Boom fluorocarbon.

Per-tied with a loop at one end and a QC swivel at the other makes it incredibly easy to set a Spinner rig up!

Simply tease open the QC swivel with a Korda Krimp tool, (not too much!!!) just enough to thread on your hook, and then pinch it shut.

Slide on a Kicker to secure the hook in place, and then simply add a Micro Rig Swivel and Hook Bead to complete the rig.

A piece of Dark Matter putty can be molded around the loop knot if required to balance your hook bait for a neutrally buoyant set-up.

The Korda Booms QC 5.5″ comes three in a pack, ready-tied and good to go for your next big carp session!

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