Korda Heli-Safe System Weedy Green



Korda Heli-Safe System Weedy Green

Korda has been working on a solution to safely and consistently discharge the lead when fishing with a helicopter setup, they have finally cracked it!!! A true game-changing product, the Heli-Safe fulfills some important carp safety criteria…

Chod rigs allow you to fish at range. The heavy leads needed to fish at long range can be a huge danger to carp, especially on a short Chod rig.

Some venues have even banned these rigs!!!

The demand from anglers to produce a drop-off lead system for use in these situations pushed Korda to develop the product you see before you.

The weedy green color will blend perfectly to the bottom.

The Korda Heli-Safe System enables you to drop the lead when the situation calls for it. Used in conjunction with the unique Korda  Heli Safe System and unique No-Trace Beads, you can fish a rotary-rig setup in situations that would have previously led to the loss of hooked fish.

The Korda Heli-Safe System system works by employing a pressure-release function, not seen in the angling world until now. The latched lead clip will open once a hooked fish pulls against the angler, allowing the lead to drop free. By threading a Barrel Bead onto the leader above the Heli Safe, you will prevent the lead from discharging, should you pick up weed or other detritus on the retrieve. Once engaged in battle though, the bead will simply pull down and allow the lead to discharge.

The unique design enables the angler to choose when to drop the lead, and when to retain it. In situations where it’s not necessary to discharge the lead, a small plastic collar (which is supplied in the kit) can be fitted to fix the lead in place.

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