Korda Kickers Medium


Korda Kickers Medium

These new Korda Kickers Medium have taken the hassle out of having to steam and shape shrink tubing!!!!

Simply slip these little gems over the eye of the hook, this will give you a  perfect presentation in a matter of seconds.

These Kickers come in a wide range of colours to mimic any bottom…

But on some waters adding a touch of color to the hook can produce quicker bites, which is why they also come in a choice of vibrant red, yellow, white, or pink varieties.

The Kickers are made from a robust rubber which will easily slide over the eye of the hook and hold in place, and when a fish is hooked it straightens but will then return to its original shape afterward.

This makes a huge difference to carp safety!

The medium kickers are ideal for hook sizes 6-8

We have some of the most knowledgeable carp anglers in South Africa here at Fishing Pro Shop.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Pretoria East store!

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Green, White/Red, Yellow/Pink

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