Korda Krank Hooks


Korda Krank Hooks

The Korda Krank Hooks pattern is the brainchild of Tom Dove.

He was looking to design a pattern of hook that had the aggressive sweeping shank of the Kurv Shank, with an enormous gape for maximum purchase and hooking potential.

Throw in an offset point and you have the Krank, a hook that’s such a good hooker it’s best used with a simple knotless knot setup!

Tom had simple setups like his own ‘muzza’ in mind when he began the development process.

However the end product is a much more versatile beast that ensures that not only will you hook more fish, but you’ll land more too!

Here’s a rundown of the key features…

– Super-sharp, beaked point.
– In-turned eye.
– Micro barb.
– Offset point.
– Curved shank

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Hook Size

2, 4, 6, 8

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