Korda Mini Heli Safe Lead Release System


Korda Mini Heli Safe Lead Release System

The Korda Mini Heli Safe Lead Release System is a scaled-down, compact version of the original that helped to make it such a huge success…

It works in the same revolutionary way as the Heli-Safe. This arms anglers with a way to fish any helicopter-style presentation, but with the ability to drop the lead as soon as a fish was hooked!

This was a massive advantage in weedy or snaggy situations, or when using set-ups such as chod rigs.

Aside from being more compact, the biggest difference to the original is that it now has three different ways that it can be set – it comes fitted with the normal tensioning spring that you will be familiar with from the original and which allows the lead to be dropped as soon as there is any pressure on the top of the Heli-Safe, but is also now supplied with a red spring which requires significantly more pressure to be applied before it ejects the lead, and is perfect in situations where you only need to get rid of the lead on the odd occasion and the lake is fairly clear of weed and snags; it also still comes with a collar, like the original, that prevents the lead from being ejected at all.

The Mini Heli-Safe comes supplied with a size 11 half-barrel swivel and can either be fished naked or with a lead core. Despite its smaller size, it is still incredibly strong and can withstand the force of using any of the leads in our range, even when casting extreme distances.

NOTE: Mini Heli-Safe is not compatible with Dark Matter leaders or the Heli-Safe Tubing Kit.

Quantity: 2 per pack


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