Korda Rig Safe Large


Korda Rig Safe, designed to store longer pre-tied rigs.

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Korda Rig Safe Large

Korda Rig Safe Large for those of you who use longer rigs or need more storage space. This is the ultimate rig storage system for anyone looking for more capacity than the existing Mini Rig-Safe offers. It is designed to store pre-tied rigs of 12 inches or longer. It will hold up to 90 rigs, thanks to one side of it featuring double-ended storage. It is designed with a clever magnetic locking system that will keep it locked during transit.
It is very easy to open when you want to, even with cold hands! The Large Rig-Safe features a specially machined, ridged aluminum bar to retain the hooks and keep them razor sharp until you’re ready to use them. It has been shaped so that if you’re using a curved shrink tube kicker it retains its shape if you store them point upwards. It comes supplied with 30 standard pins to hold swivels or loops in place on the high-density foam inner and prevent tangles.
It is made from high-impact plastic, meaning that it is very strong. The Rig Safe is finished in soft-touch rubber, which not only feels nice in your hands but allows a good grip. The outside is marked up to 12 inches or 30 cm, so you can tie your rigs to exactly the length that you require.

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