Korda Spinner Rig


7″ Boom – Kurv Hook Pattern; Barbed


Korda Spinner Rig

The Korda Spinner Rig has caught huge fish all over the world and features on Monster Carp, Thinking Tackle, and even had its own Masterclass chapter.

This very versatile rig can be used over almost any bottom when fished helicopter-style rigs.

Best used with a wafter or pop-up style hook bait!

The ready-tied spinner rig will give you instant confidence.

These rigs are perfect for anglers new to carp angling but also for anglers who are time-poor, have less-than-perfect eyesight, or suffer from arthritis/issues with their hands.

The Korda Spinner Rig has a 7” boom and comes with a size 4 or 6 KURV hook pattern.

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#4 25Lb 11.3kg, #6 25Lb 11.3kg

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