Load Lure Geet Seeker


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Load Lure Geet Seeker

Load Lure Geet Seeker was built with the extreme angler in mind!

These poppers produce tremendous action with every retrieve.

Their innovative design features an uneven contoured shape in the mouth which allows for the lure to create massive amounts of splash while minimizing the amount of drag in the water.
The lure is designed to sit with its head proudly outside of the water and to explode with action on every sweep.
After creating an explosive splash, the lure is designed to dive just beneath the surface with a tight wobbling action leaving and a strong bubble trail.

Hook Recommendations:
– Trebles – 6/0 BKK Trebles.
– Singles – 8/0 BKK diablos.

This is a big popper! Weighing in at 155 grams and 180mm long!

Here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria, we are truly passionate about spinning for big game fish and stock some of the finest tackle for this exciting segment!

From top-spec Shimano reels to Load Lure and so many more!

For more info call us on 012 809 3334.

We are on Facebook at HTTP://facebook.com/fishingproshop.pretoria/

The Fishing Pro Shop.


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