Molix Kento Jig 1/4 oz


Molix Kento Jig 1/4 oz


Molix Kento Jig 1/4 oz is built with versatility in mind.

Each jig head has been perfectly shaped and balanced for easy penetration and perfect swimming action!

These 1/4 oz jigs are the perfect finesse jig for heavily pressured water…

The number of fibers of the weed guard is based on the jig weight and combines a perfect weedless effect for solid hooksets.

This Jig has a bait keeper to secure your preferred trailer!

The Kento Jig offers a very fine-cut silicone skirt (Live Skirt System), providing natural movement and life-like action.

Here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria East, we stock a wide selection of premium bass tackle.

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Fantastic Gill, Wild Craw, Black Blue Purple, GP Chart, Black Blue, Spanish Craw, GP Red Purple

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